Competitors – the recruiters’ perspective. 2012 results.

There are many awards that a company can enter to see how they match up to their competition, but there are a lot of excellent companies that do not enter these for a variety of reasons.  We wanted to know who was making an impact in the market and who better to ask than the people who are competing against their peers every day; the recruiters.

In August 2012 we asked 241 Consultants, Managers and Directors to let us know who they considered as their 3 biggest competitors to ascertain those companies making the biggest impact in the market.  We asked people from a cross section of the professional markets including Finance, Technology, HR and Legal and they told us the following:


Is it a surprise that the large companies have come out on top?  Surely they have more consultants, work within more sectors and have larger advertising budgets than most others?  This may be true, but there is also some extremely large, well known, well funded business that didn’t even get a mention in the survey.  It’s interesting to see that both independent and SME companies are having almost twice the impact than the mid sized consultancies.


As the above chart shows, the most established businesses account for almost half of the share in terms of who is deemed to be a key competitor. This is understandable given that they have had longer to establish their brand, increase their headcount and take more of a market share.  It is encouraging to see that new businesses established within the last 2 years are also featuring. Particularly commendable given the tough market conditions within which they have started out.


Michael Page, Robert Walters and Morgan McKinley are the 3 companies that are making the biggest impact by far.  Combined, they equate to more than 27% of the total votes.

Is it fair to compare companies at the extreme ends of the spectrum; an international PLC with a boutique 1 man band? Perhaps not.  As such, there should be a special mention to the following businesses that also ranked highly against their peers in their respective sectors.

Finance:   Goodman Masson and Handle Recruitment

HR: Oakleaf Partnership and Frazer Jones

Legal: Shilton Sharpe Quarry and Glass Consultancy

Search: Odgers Berndtson and BIE Group

Technology: Aston Carter